About me

Why make BAGS?

I learned to sew at the feet of my grandmother and mother while they made various items on their  sewing machines, taking the scraps to make clothes for my doll.

After sewing for my girls when they were small, I started quilting.  

Choosing the beautiful fabrics and patterns fit right in with my love of puzzles as well as my career in finance. All that math stuff, you know.

When the grandchildren came along, it took my quilting skills onto another path of making personalized pillows and book BAGS.  Having the satisfaction of a completed project in a shorter time was addicting! In 2016 while looking for patterns on the internet, I came across the 'BAG of the Month Club".  I joined and have been making BAGS since then.

What's in a BAG?

I have always loved handbags!

That section of the department store was my favorite to visit as I searched for the PERFECT style.


"A place for everythIng and everything in it's place."

I make each bag with plenty of pockets to keep your bag tidy and help you find things with ease. The zippered pockets secure those items you don't want to fall out and the slip pockets make it simple to grab your phone or keys in a hurry.

I make BAGS in all sizes.


Large BAGS for big shopping trips


medium BAGS for a quick run to the store


small BAGS for that night on the town WRISTLETS

smaller BAGS for when you need to be hands free.

Back to the WHY



As I mentioned before, I spent my career in the area of finance but as a child, I was always drawing, sewing and doing crafty things.  Retirement has given me time to explore and create once again.


What a wonderful time we live in! The internet has given us the ability to form relationships and answer the needs of people around the world! I am amazed at the talented designers who create beautiful patterns for sewists to produce and even compete with the name brand items in all areas.


I now have the time and ability to renew my creative side. 

GIVING a personalized gift is a JOY

and I can help you do just that for someone. I create looks that are simple and classic as well as fun and whimsical. 

Look around and see what you might find for yourself or a friend.