About jadden road

Interesting Background

I'm always curious as to how businesses decide on a name and perhaps you are also. So let me share my story.

In 1988, I moved from my hometown to Indianapolis and took a position of Controller with a group of ENT surgeons. Through a conversation with one of the senior partners, we found we had a link from the past.

There is an intersection outside of my hometown on Jadden Road that once was the location of a small "town". It didn't consist of many buildings or people. There was a general store at one time which also served as the post office.

In talking with the physican, he mentioned that his grandparents owned that general store to which I replied that MY grandparents owned the Jadden General Store. He said his grandparents sold it in 1913 which was the same year that my grandparents bought it.

I grew up hearing my mom's stories of growing up in the house that was attached to the store. There has always been a nostalgic connection to those roots.

So to honor my grandmother and mother, the two women who started me on this journey of stitching, I decided to reopen the store.  It doesn't look like it did in 1913 but the work ethic and quality of product is the same.  I hope you feel welcome and enjoy the time you spend here.